Meta Quest Pro is official. Meta has shown the VR glasses with a completely new design and the price and release date are known. The device is said to be half as powerful as the popular virtual reality glasses Meta Quest 2.
MetaQuest 2
The biggest difference between Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro is that the new goggles also have augmented reality options. That means you can still see the real world in full color through your glasses, thanks to front-facing cameras. So you don’t see the world directly, but actually as you see it when you use the camera of your smartphone and not in black and white as we could on previous VR glasses. The nice thing about this is that you can still display virtual objects on the glasses, but they seem to be in the real world.

Meta Quest Pro
There are also cameras on the inside of the headset to see what you’re looking at. As a result, a technique is applied in which it is displayed even sharper what you are looking at exactly. All parts that you are not looking at can then be displayed less sharply, because you will not be bothered by that. Why Meta chooses this? This can ensure that the chip that has to process all this is not overloaded. The chip has also been greatly improved: it is the 50 percent more powerful Snapdragon XR2 Plus chip. The glasses also have twice as much RAM as Quest 2: 12GB (with 256GB storage memory).

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