Of all the social media we know, Snapchat probably works the most with augmented reality. It uses this, among other things, to make fashion filters, which are filters where you can see exactly how a certain coat or bag looks on you. These filters have their advantages, but also their disadvantages. Here they are.
Advantage: you can see it visually on yourself

Now when you go to a Wehkamp, ​​Zalando or Farfetch, you have no idea how something stands. Yes, you know how it looks on the wafer-thin model. The advantage of Snapchat’s augmented reality is that it works extremely well: you don’t just get a piece of clothing stuck on you: it recognizes where your long hair stops, it understands that your hand (even if it moves) doesn’t have to have a sleeve pattern on it. and that is very useful. Now you know what a piece of clothing looks like on you and it is easier to choose whether you want it.

Disadvantage: they are mainly luxury brands
At the moment, we mainly see many luxury brands within Snapchat, such as Louis Vuitton, Prada and Tommy Hilfiger. Asos and Puma are there, but a Zeeman or H&M is missed. You are mainly dealing with luxury brands and they are often quite expensive.

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